Friday, January 22, 2016

New Era in Training Projects

I have had quite the change in life since first starting my training blog with Lola. When I bought and started her back in 2010 life was much more centered on my horses, both financially and with my time. Six years later I am pleased with what I accomplished with Lola, and managed to fit in getting married and having a baby. Although the baby changed things, and when faced with our second cross country move, I opted for a more secure home (temporarily) for Lola. She is currently on long-term lease and is happily packing around two adult ammies at BN at a friend's barn.

In the meantime, I've landed myself a new project. It will be temporary. He is not mine. But I'll take what I can get! Aside from a two day a week working student position, I don't get much saddle time since job at a riding school doesn't allow for much riding. So when it became clear that a horse at the riding school needed some ride time and training, I offered my time for free.

Here he is the first week we got him at the very end of October 2015. He's on the left. (They other two were adopted from the rescue at the same time. 

And then a better picture, but with about a week and a half more food in him.

His name is Macho Moono (funny race names). He is a 5 year old thoroughbred that came off the track last summer after 10 starts with only one win. He spent a few months at a rescue before we picked him up in the fall. He had an unknown amount of rides at the rescue, and has had all sorts of different people on him since coming to the riding school, but no regular program, just catch rides here and there. Last fall he initially felt pretty good (just green) at walk trot canter, but he got hotter and more anxious as time went on. Not surprising, more feed, more exercise, but no regular rider/training, so I'm optimistic that we'll find his happy place again, and then find him a job.

He's adorable, and I'm smitten, and have to remind myself daily that I don't own him, and cannot buy him. So I'll do what I can to give him a brighter future.

It may be 30 days, it may 6 months, really the situation may change at any moment, but for now, he's mine to set goals with. I've enjoyed the variety of horses I'm on at my working student barn, but there is nothing like having your own project to figure out. Can't wait!

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