Saturday, December 18, 2010

Good golly when will the rain stop?

You'd think I lived in the Pacific Northwest with all this rain! I thought living in California meant I could still ride in the winter!

Well I've had two lessons canceled in two weeks... I guess I'll try around Christmas. One Friday afternoon lesson was scheduled due to the fact that I'm middle management at my office and expected to drop everything for the good of the whole. Then yesterday's lesson was canceled due the steady drizzling rain that came down all... day... long. The rains came just when the arenas seemed to be manageable again, not dry yet, but at least you could ride with risking trotting into a lake or a horse eating bog. Now it looks like another 7 days straight of raining, and enough inches to have flooding. UGH!

I need some creative ideas for the indoor arena. It really is the size of a two 20 meter circles. That's it. Cantering in the tiny space is not conducive to building her confidence because she's worried about balancing, but trot circles and other figures could be good. I've been playing around with more leg yielding, and the beginning of shoulder in, so the walls will be a good tool to continue that. I just hate being so confined, but I need to look at the positives.

I am tempted to trailer and out test my luck with muddy trails, but can't really convince myself to actually ride WHILE its raining. Maybe I'll catch a break on a day that I have time to trailer somewhere.

Any good "tiny arena" excercise suggestions????