Thursday, November 3, 2011

Pause on the Project

Well its been almost a month since Lola left, but I guess I didn't want to jinx it by announcing it! Lola has gone off for a one year lease to a fantastically talented junior rider. I'm sure she is loving her new life of being spoiled by a truly horse crazy girl. They are taking two jumping lessons and one dressage lesson every week, and hope to be ready to start kicking butt at Beginner Novice this spring.

I am so excited that Lola gets such a great opportunity to compete this year, and I'm sure she'll give her all for her new rider.

As for me, I am trying not to miss her, and throwing myself whole heartedly into my other horse's training. While this may not be the end to my training project with Lola, it is officially on hold. Therefor the blog will sit mostly dormant, aside from any updates from the new rider that I want to share, until I either get Lola back, or start a new project.

Keep up with the new (old) focus: Bear at

Good luck Lola! Make me proud!