Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Where has this month gone???

Well I should be working, but that isn't really happening. I'm home sick with the stomach flu. Blech. I was planning on working form home yesterday too, but seeing as I couldn't eat anything, I just sort of slept the day away instead. Which, let's face it, I was entitled to after throwing up most of the night! I am sort of back to eating, as in nothing is coming back up, but it sure doesn't make my stomach very happy staying down either.

Ugh. What this all means is that I missed Tuesday night of going out to see the horses, and I will be working Saturday and Sunday to catch up at work, and I will be missing the first sunny weekend in ages. I glanced at the goals I posted for February through May. I just wish life wouldn't get in the way! Seriously, the craziest flooding rain I can ever remember in March, tree hitting the trailer which landed it in the shop for weeks, followed by the stomach flu?

I planned on getting Lola out to a schooling show last weekend to really test out our work jumping, but it was postponed due to the lake that had formed over the arena! No date so far. In fact the benefit of that show is that it was always one of the earliest to get out to, once April hits we'll have several options for little shows. So that goal is not happening in March.

Schooling cross country will probably be out several weeks as well, as I'm sure it is just as wet and sloppy out there! I am anxiously waiting for the ground to dry up so that I can move the little miss back out to the boarding place I had her last fall before their pen turned to a swamp. She will do so much better in an open space again, and (once its dry) it will be so nice to have a big jumping arena again. I hate spending 15 minutes to drag jumps and poles in to have 5 minutes of jumping time.

I did get her teeth done. Vet says she's got great chompers! I think we got out to trail ride twice, so that's not bad considering.

I'm hoping April will be more cooperative in meeting my goals. Work, at least, will get a whole lot less hectic at the end of the month. And spring seems to officially have hit! Warm weather, YEAH!!!!