Monday, March 4, 2013

New profile name

Now that my Talk Dark And Spotty boy belongs to someone else, I can't really keep the profile name (as much as I loved it). Equivalent for my Lola-girl would be Red, Short, and Sassy or Luscious Long Locks. I may be changing names a bit over the next few months, so sorry for the confusion!

The thing is, the next few months will be a little bit of discovering who I am in the context of a whole new environment. After growing up in northern California, living a year in San Diego, CA, then two final years of college in Fresno, CA (central valley as it gets) I am a California girl through and through. Don't get me wrong, I have lived outside of California, but it wasn't another state, it was another country! So as far as US living goes, California is what I know. The seasons, the proximity, the population, and most importantly the huge horse industry (and horse leisure opportunities) make this an amazing state to live. Therefore our imminent move to Columbus, OH (and how that will affect said horse leisure opportunities) is forefront on my mind!

Mostly this blog is my own journal to document something that I put a whole lot of blood, sweat, and tears into, so I won't care if my name changes periodically to represent my live at the time. I also have seen how amazing connections can be made with like-minded horse owners all across the US. So in an effort to start learning more about the state I will call home for the next 4 years, I decided draw attention my location in the new blog name.

First goals for the new state:

Get there! Looking like a road trip with the horse and dog
Find boarding
Find trainer
Get involved
Find fun events
Find time to keep doing it all!!!!

Friday, March 1, 2013

Decision is made

I sold my "keeper horse" and kept my "sale project".

Now that Bear has gone to live with my really good riding friend (at the best home ever), and after some financial hurdles were cleared, I can finally say that Lola is no longer for sale! Hurray!

I am keeping the blog name, because she is still, and probably will be for another 5 years, my training project. We've come a long way from a fuzzy mare pulled from a herd with nothing by ground training a few years back in her education. We've managed Intro Dressage, she competed a full season of BN with a young junior rider, and we're hoping to make our debut into Training level dressage this spring. I'd like to compete with her through 2nd level dressage, and I am confident she's capable, it might just take awhile for me to get there!

Since its still just going to me learning to ride these new levels on a horse that has never done it, we are quite the training project.