Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Ohio Horse Home #1

When looking for a place to board MANY states away, it can be very overwhelming to make a good decision. So I made it easy on myself. While I made tons of notes on every interesting place I found that MIGHT be an option, I decided to find myself a "summer spot" where she could be outdoors and I could save some money. The right place needed to have so many things that needed to be evaluated in person, such as trainer, arena footing, stall cleaning standards, that I knew it wouldn't be possible to pick the right spot the first time.

So I found a great place where she would live out in a really large paddock with shelter. They agreed to turn her out each day and even set her up on a plan to have her grazing time gradually increased each week while she got used to the grass.

She settled in immediately. I have to say, this horse has an enormous sense of adventure! She took the move with such good spirit. Always interested in the night's location, never stressing. She really was a good traveler (despite not drinking in the trailer). I'm sure she was happy to stay put though!

Right off the bat it seemed like she was gaining back any weight lost on the drive. We waited about a week and then started slowly back into a riding routine. (Both of us were out of shape since June didn't allow much time for riding.)

I had to transition her on to new feed based on what they have in the feed stores, and she seemed to like the Ohio grown grass hay. All peachy.

Our favorite thing was this huge grassy field. It was the best place to ride. Plus with the heat and humidity, my only choice was to come close to sunset and the light actually made for a well lit area to ride even after it was fully dark.


  1. Welcome To The Midwest! A Week Ago It Was Hot And Humid And Tonight It Is snowing! I Always Feel Bad For People Who Come From Places Like California To Here Cause It Has To Be A Rude Awakening.

  2. Yes, people are always shocked that we moved! We at least knew what we were getting into, the poor pony though had no warning and no choice!