Monday, May 26, 2014

Hibernation over, but bun is still in the oven!

It has been so long since the last post, that I actually had to go back and read what I had posted! I supposed I had the time to post while sitting around the house in the cold arctic winter that WOULD NOT QUIT. But... it wouldn't have been very interesting. Plus getting ready to have a baby took much more time than I ever would have imagined!

I sit here today, three days past my due date, wondering when this all come to the exciting end (beginning) that we've been planning for! And, of course, I am getting more and more desperate to get back on the red beast with each passing day. While the pregnancy was one obstacle, I know a newborn will be a whole other crazy complication to riding like I used to (ie 5 days a week with regular lessons).

I am extremely grateful to have had a healthy pregnancy that allowed me the ability to still get out to the barn on weekends. I even had a resurgence of riding in my second trimester that I wasn't expecting to do (I only admit this on the horse blog, because I am sure you would all do the same given the situation!) I fully appreciate all the times my husband came out with me to scrape mud off Lola, and he's become a hoof picking star (seeing as that was rather uncomfortable for me). I was lucky enough to end up with not one but TWO riders to part lease my mare, and right at the time when my low back and hips were telling me that riding was no longer an option. They have done a lovely job getting her back into shape this spring and giving her love, exercise, and regular grooming. In fact, I hope they both stick around for a while. With their current schedule I could still have my Lola two days a week, which, in reality, is probably what I can commit to once I get back in the saddle.

So within a few days (hopefully!) I will have a new distraction that make me totally forget that all I really want to do is have a nice canter on the grass! Then it really will be only a handful of weeks (all filled with baby-joy/exhaustion and visiting family) before I will have a body that can start getting back in the saddle. In the mean time, I can rest assured that Lola has excellent care from the barn, and two wonderful riders giving her attention (and cookies).

Although grounded, I have still enjoyed some lovely spring days out there with her!

Winter mane went from:

To a cool new summer cut:

Belly and all, I'm still working her from the ground (this was just Saturday!):
Trying to induce labor with some horse time...

And, may have spent a day or two this spring just cleaning tack and watching her laze in the sun!
 Such is the joy of NOT riding. Oh well, there will always be next year!

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